Thursday, June 13, 2013

1920's Picnic at Hakone Garden

 My good friend Jonathan, happens to be the only reason why I am lucky enough to be able to go to all these wonderful events where I get to dress up in vintage clothes and pretend that I am from a different era. Not only is he in-the-know of all the events, but he is also the clothing provider for most of us who go to any of these things! He is a life saver! This particular event, which was a few months ago, was put together by a local group called Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild, they do all kinds of dress up events!

 Since the picnic was held at a Japanese garden we also got to see a snip-it of a traditional tea ceremony, it was a pretty cool experience. But it was still pretty long and also pretty slow. I've always thought it was a cool idea, and part of me wants to participate in a tea ceremony someday, but I fear that I just don't have the patients to sit still for so long. 

I did get to have a Kimono put on me, which was super awesome. And I was able to eat the wonderful food that Jonathan made for us and I was able to take fun pictures with Jonathan and holly. I even got a few good ones of myself as well which is always awesome! Although I don't think they are all too flattering for my figure, but I love the outfit so I don't really care!

Overall it was super fun! And it just makes me that much more excited for the next events! Which actually there are a few that I plan to go to this month, and now that I am keeping a blog, I will try and get a lot of good interesting pictures to show you guys. These things are loads of fun, and they aren't that expensive either.

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  1. So pretty! I love your vintage look! I wish life had more occasions to play dress up! :)


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