Monday, June 10, 2013

Goodbye at Stow Lake

Now that the semester is over and summer has officially began its the perfect time for Pot-Lucks, Picnics and hangouts with friends.
Caitlin on the right and our friend Tanya on the left
Unfortunately for us, this was also a good bye to a good friend who is starting a new chapter in her life somewhere far from her old one. But the best way to say good bye to the past and hello to the future is to enjoy some fun time with friends.
as the photographer of this event unfortunately this is the only picture I got of myself, oops

Anyway, There was a good deal of finger food, snack food, fruits, veggies and chips. And in addition to the beer there was even something similar to Sake and although I don't drink I did have a sip of that and boy was it strong!
our wonderful chef Josh
And then to top it all off we had some burgers and dogs and a grill that wasn't as easy to handle as we had hoped, Josh lost a good deal of arm hairs trying to get the grill to run properly and everyone got a little bit of smoke blown in their direction a time or two. But the burgers were delicious so I think it all turned out okay in the end.

Then most of us went to go check out and feed the ducks and turtles that where hanging out by our little picnic area. There were lots of squeals of joy when the little ducks climbed up the side and got up close and personal with those who had food.
Little ducks making friends
You can see one of theme here, just hangout right on top of the rock. That little blue speck on the left is someone standing right next to the duck. So it gives you a little idea of how up close and personal the ducks actually got.
Then after some time a little art was to be had since most of us are all artists. I ended up doodling in my sketch book a tad but we migrated before I got to actually finish anything.
 I did get to show what I had been working on in my new sketchbook and I got some nice feed back too which is always nice. The best thing is that I also got take a little poll on the new URL domain names that I wanted to use for my portfolio which is now
 Then some lounging around was to be had and we also played some fun games. One game we winked each other to death and tried to guess the murder, and the other we made silly gestures and shouted out things like "Buffalo", "Yeee-haw", And "PING" while making sure we didn't screw up. I am proud to say that I won Buffalo and was the best murder in the winking game. I am more proud of myself then I probably should be.

And then as the night drew close we all said our fair-wells and headed out on our separate ways. After saying good bye I must admit that it's hard not to think about the end, so many people are now moving on to different chapters in there lives, and it makes me think about my graduation, only seven months away, and starting a new chapter in my own life that might possibly involve me moving out of the area I spent all of my 22 years living in. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Until next time,
{all photos by Avo}

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