Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day 2013

Me and my dad, yeah that's me as a baby

My cousins, my Dad and me making funny faces

The Lord of the Rings books my dad and uncles had as kids, which is now mine, awesome!

Happy Fathers Day Everyone!! I hope you are having a wonderful time with the fathers in your life! I am actually blessed to have two fathers but since my Step-dad has no interests in being on the internet this post will focus on my wonderful biological father only, although I love them both!

So here is to a dad who looked great even with a mullet. I thank you for all the morning pancakes and oatmeal, for Nutella and Gymnastics, for reading me to sleep and introducing me to Lord of the Rings. Thank you for weekends with my Best friend, playing the shark at the pool, teaching me to ride my bike after staying up late to put it together. Thank you for Mr. spider and Mr. moon, for "yesterday once more" by the Carpenters, for building me an amazing closet that I wish I still had, and for filling my Christmas stockings with fun stuff.

I can't wait until I get to see you again! I Love you daddy! Happy Fathers Day!

Until next time,

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