Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Interview OOTD and Tips!

Yesterday I had an interview with an insurance company to become a sort of recruiter/front desk receptionist. I was pretty excited because It was the perfect chance for me to get all dressed up and professional. But at the same time I was also extremely nervous, more so than I should have been. Anyway, the interview went great and a second interview was scheduled for later that day. Unfortunately, I had to push it to this morning because Kiwi's check-in vet appointment took way longer than I expected. But The guy who is handling my interview was super cool about it, probably because I had told him ahead of time that I had the appointment and he sort of insisted on the interview that day anyway. 

So the good news is that, not only did the second interview go great, but I start working there on Monday, Wooo! The whole thing is a little new to me so I will probably give it a few weeks before I consider it official. But if all goes well there is room for me to move up the latter and turn this part-time into a full-time. Which will be perfect for me to do while I am working on my freelance career.
Interview Tips:
Now, I am no expert, and interviews are hard even for me. But here are a few tips that help me get through interviews and usually end up with a job.
  1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. What I mean by this is that when you are looking for a job give yourself several options. If the job you are interviewing for isn't your only choice it will be much easier actually doing the interview. Because after all, if you completely mess up the interview at least there are other jobs out there for you.

  2. If there is a specific place that you do want to work at but don't feel comfortable with your interviewing skills. Line up interviews with other places you don't care for as much before hand. That way you can get some practice, and possibly a few back up jobs. 

  3. Don't worry too much about being under qualified, you would be surprised at how many people get jobs they really shouldn't have. If you think you can do it, or learn to do it, go for it! Plus like I said in the first tip, if it doesn't work out there are plenty of other jobs you can try for.

  4. Be genuine and Honest. Now don't go spilling your dirty laundry or telling all of your flaws, but also don't pretend to be someone you aren't because usually people can see right through that. And if they can't they will figure it out sooner or later which might cause problems in the futures. Just be you, and play on your strengths, if you are a funny person than throw in a few appropriate jokes here and there. 

  5. Last but not least which is probably one of the most important and hardest to follow (at least for me) is don't over think it, don't worry, don't stress and don't put yourself down. Remember, you can do it! You are awesome, and in the long run everything is going to work out even if it means getting a job somewhere else.
So those are some tips that I hope you will find useful. I don't claim to be and expert but I know that these help me when I am doing interviews. And of course there are many more interview tips out in the world that you can search for if you don't feel like these are enough. But I think if you are confident and nice you have a pretty good shot at having a great interview which may or may not lead to a job. So if you are currently looking for a job, good luck!
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Kiwi Update:
So like I said I took Kiwi in for a check-up vet appointment yesterday to see how things were going. There are some improvements like less blood, some regular pooping and possibly a little more peeing. I bet you enjoyed that mental image. But, she has been loosing weight, which under any other circumstance would be something to party about but with all her problems its pretty worrisome the rate at which she is loosing it. Also, other not so great things would be that she is still having a hard time peeing, she started dribbling pee on herself which resulted in a pee burn because she can't clean herself properly, she stopped eating as much (although it seems like she is starting to eat a little more again), and she is still pretty lethargic. 

So the doctor gave me some antibiotics, and some cream for her butt which she does NOT enjoy. And I have another vet appointment next week to check in on the improvement. I also started kitty insurance (which I wish I had done much earlier) so that saves me some of the cost and gives me a small discount on the meds and creams. Right now things are looking pretty okay, and I am hoping that she wont need to do much more. After all she isn't too pleased with all the poking and prodding that she had been going through. That's it for now and Ill give you guys another update later on in the future.

Other News:
So tomorrow is officially a go for that vintage event that I told you about in my last post and I should be dressing up in fabulous fifties! Well, unless the dresses don't fit me, so fingers crossed that they do. I am also thinking about doing some vintage doodles and illustrations to sell in my shop, but I'm not sure yet. There are a lot of things I want to work on for my shop so I might do those instead. I guess we will just have to wait and see. 

Until next time,

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