Friday, June 28, 2013

Keeping Organized: Washi Tape

So as some of you may remember I did a post awhile back doing an introduction to my planner and my organizing system. Here is a little update with a small focus on how I use Washi-tape to add visual appeal to my planners which helps make them more fun to use. For some people this may also help motivate you to use the planner when you otherwise wouldn't.

Now personally I enjoy the act of keeping a planner so I don't actually need the visual motivation but even so I do find it more enjoyable writing todo's, appointments, plans and such when my planner is all decorated and nice.

So as I mention at the end of the video, which is posted below, without meaning to I sort of matched up the Washi-tape that I used to decorated this week and next week in both my A5 planner and my Pocket planner. I thought it was pretty funny because I had done them like a week or more a part and I didn't think about it at all while I was doing it. I guess it was a happy little coincidence. 

I did use Washi-tape to cover my divider tabs on my A5 which I like a lot better than the neon tabs I was using before. This matches a little more with most of the stuff I use in the planner. The tabs don't have labels written on them but since I down graded to having only a few tabs its easy for me to remember which is which. 

One of my favorite usages of the Washi-tape in my planner is the book mark. I simply added a strip of Washi-tape down the side on the front and back, then I punched the holes in it and cut out the lines using the plastic divider as a guide. It was super simple and it makes the divider/ruler look so much nicer!!

And here you can see some of the stuff I've been using to decorate my planners. I want to do more stuff in the future, but with all the things going on right now I can't afford to get any more supplies or spend too much time playing around with decorations. Fortunately Washi-tape is super quick and easy to do so I can find time to do that at least.

So if you are interested in seeing another run through of both of my planners, I did do a video. I started off talking about my Washi-tape and supplies so if you just want to see that its the first few minutes of the video. Otherwise feel free to just skip it.

So that's it for this Keeping Organized update. I'm sorry if it feels a little rushed, I had a lot of ideas for this and I wasn't sure how to go about it so I sort of did everything all together. And then I took several different videos so I forgot to mention things here and there. Anyway, perhaps I'll have a better plan for my next one. Which probably wont be for a while, at least not for a page by page walk through.

Random Updates and News:
I sort of got extremely sick while I was working on this post so that's why its going up a little late. I guess at the moment I don't have a really strict posting schedule, so its not that big of a deal. But I do plan to have one in the future, once I get more comfortable with all of this. And that doesn't really mean that I don't have one now, its just not a strict one. ya know..

Also, dealing with videos is super time consuming and I guess my laptop isn't strong enough to handle it cause I had to do a lot of waiting for things to upload and then, while I waited for that, my computer was acting like a snail! So I didn't get nearly as much done today as I had hopped. But I guess there is always tomorrow. 

In other news, Kiwi is still having some trouble but I think I am starting to see a bit of an improvement. Her butt had scabbed up from the pee burn but its starting to clear up. I had to hold a wet rag to it to loosen the scabs and then she sort of rubbed them off on my carpet. yaay me. Oh, but I did do laundry and I washed everything in my room and then I checked the carpet to see if she got any pee on it and lucky lucky me the carpets are pee free. And now that all the towels are washed my room smells normal again. Yay for fresh-ness! She does hate me every time I give her the antibiotics or cream her butt, but I do it out of love!

I also did go to the history lecture thing yesterday and I got to dress up all 1950's which was awesome so I will try and find some good photos and do a post about it on Monday. Give you guys all the juicy details!

Until next time,


  1. Hi! Where did you get the large masking tape pack (under the masking tape refills in the upper left hand corner)? Looks beautiful! <3

  2. Hi, where did you get the large pad of washi tape stickers in the upper left hand corner (under the washi tape refill stickers). Thanks! <3

    1. I believe I got all of the masking tape stickers off of Amazon, but it was a while ago now so I'm really not sure.


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