Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 2013 Sketch Tuesday

Cute little sketch Tuesday sign out front
So I went to my first sketch Tuesday last week and I had a blast! I'm surprised I didn't start going to these things sooner. I will admit that walking to the place in the little side ally that it's kept at seemed a little sketchy. I mean right in front of this sign a guy digging through the trash leaned over and hurled all over the side walk. But I think they may have cleaned it pretty quick because when I left it was as if it had never happened.

Pictures of the seating set up, I was sitting on the floor when I took this
 When I got there, four minutes after it started, all the seats had already been taken. I heard there were usually way more seats so it was a little unusual, but it sort of added nicely to the experience because it felt so full and exciting.

Valerio on the left and Josh on the right

 Eventually some of my other friends started trickling in and sat down in the corner me and Donta had occupied. It got a little squished at one point, but we were all so into our drawings that it wasn't so bad.

The first sketch I finished was this one here. I realized after I had started that I had forgotten to bring my colored pencil set. I had only grabbed a small handful so Donta was nice enough to let me use his which you can see on the left. I plan to be much better prepared at the next one, but I didn't know what to expect and I had been running late anyway.

(Funny story, I actually was driving up to the train and about two or three minutes away I saw that the train I needed to be on was pulling up. At this point it was pretty much guaranteed that I would miss it, but I didn't want to give up so I drove as quick as I could (without breaking any laws) and turned down the detour that the parking lot now has since it is under construction and I zoomed into a parking spot, threw on the break, grabbed my bag locked the door, ran up the stairs, tagged my card and ran threw the doors as they were closing. I was so close to missing it, and I am still surprised that I even made it. I mean I was shaking when I got on the train and then I realized that I had forgotten my jacket and did a horrible park job!! But fortunately it was a spot on the end so my parking didn't effect anyone.)

Some random artists in our area
Eventually more people trickled in and the area around us filled up with various artists. It became a little difficult to walk by us at one point, but there really wasn't any other place for people. I mean the place was so packed and there were plenty of people who just walked around the whole time. It was nice though.
Donta's back is to us, Valerio next to him and Josh next to Valerio.
Later in the night some of our group got up to move around. Including myself. Sitting against a wall for several hours can make you feel a bit uncomfortable. But it was a nice opportunity for me to take a picture of our little section.
second and last drawing of the night

I did finish up one more drawing, which was pretty exciting. It can be a bit overwhelming drawing when there are almost a hundred people surrounding you. And I was sitting with some really talented people so it was hard not to take a moment here and there and lean over to watch them draw. Anyway, at this point it was getting late so I never got around to starting another one, but I did put this one on the sale wall...
The sale wall
as you can see here. I think its pretty cool that they made it easy for you to sell the sketches that you make, just put it on the wall with your name and a price and someone will grab you if they are interested. Which happened to me not more than ten minutes after I put the second drawing up. I must say, I was pretty excited at that point, but I still had to leave.

So I said good bye to my friends, snapped one last picture of the crowd and headed out on my way. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of myself this time around. But I did get a few good shots of the event and my art so I'm not too upset. Next time I'll try and get some selfies to throw in the pot. Because I'm sure I'll be going to these more often. It's too bad they only happen once a month, oh well. I do have a feeling that next time is going to be even better.

Until next time,

{photos by avo}

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