Monday, June 17, 2013

OOTD - Lets Go To The Fair!

Picture title remind anyone of robin sparkles hit song "lets go to the mall?"

I just had to get some fair junk food!

I got a very drippy Caramel apple that was delicious!

There were a few little games, but we didn't play any this time around

Wanted a better picture of me with the candy apple ;)
This was before we left for the fair, right after I did my hair.
The wind on the way to the fair, killed my hair. Left is before the fair and the right image is after.
 Dress, shoes, glasses and purse: Forever 21

I was actually listening to an audio-book when I took this
So the other weekend I saw that there was a little fair going on a few blocks away from my house so I figured I would take the opportunity to check it out and get some fair junk food. It was pretty small and most of it was a flea-market, but there were a few rides and I found my beloved caramel apple which I devoured with delight.

I also took it as an opportunity to wear some of the new things that I got! I really want to get more dresses like this. I absolutely adore them, and although this one was a little on the short side, paired with the shoes it made my legs look amazing. Or at least I think so ;)

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