Monday, June 24, 2013

Vintage Adventures: Elk Lodge No. 3

I love the outfit Jonathan brought for me
So yesterday I went to the Elks Lodge No. 3 in San Francisco for the grand reopening of the newly restored historic balcony which they honored with a nice 1920's themed brunch. Most of the events that I have been to don't really serve anything more than small appetizers and snacks so the large table of assorted breakfast foods was a huge plus. And even tho I ate hoards of bacon, every time I went back for more there was a ton more waiting for me. It was glorious. 
There was lots of yummy food, and BACON!

There was a speech before they cut the ribbon to open the balcony

Holly and her younger sister Heidi
Me asking for photo's ;)
I am sad to say that I had spent hours curling my hair for the event, only to have it destroyed on the way there. Not a single curl survived. But fortunately I manage to bobby pin it up and with the cute little hat that Jonathan brought with my dress I think it worked out quite nicely. I really enjoyed my dress, and wish I could have it for my own. 

Live 1920's style Singing

I wanted to be in the middle

The guys with their cute hats!

Elks Lodge No. 3 Tour

We also got a nice tour of the Elks lodge and learned some really interesting and nice facts about the place. For instance, it started off as a social club called the "Jolly Corks" and they would play drinking games and what-not but one of the members died and the club evolved into the Elks and started doing charitable work in addition to keeping their club. Its all pretty fascinating and if your interested I suggest you look up more information about it. 
The lobby to the Theater

Original Details on the theater ceiling 

lounge for the theaters VIP guest

Smooth Criminal moment

Photo-op on the newly restored balcony

All the guys with hats

At the end of the day we sat down and ate more food
Over all it was tons of fun and I was sad when it was over, mainly because I didn't want to get out of that dress! I love that thing, and It is similar to the dress that I wore to the last Gatsby picnic which I also loved (and I haven't blogged about that event yet, but I have a picture from in on the sidebar and in my about me.) If they have any more vintage events at the Elks lodge, ill be there! Or at least Ill try!

Upcoming Dress-up stuff: 
There are some more possible vintage events I might be going to in the next couple of months, but I don't really know yet. I might go to a vintage lecture later this week and dress up 1950's style! Woooo! Which would be awesome cause its one of my faves! But I wont know until later.

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon picnic is pretty much a go but that's not until September. And there is also a 1850-1900's thing that I might go to in August, but unless we find an outfit for me its still only a possibility. 

Kitty Update: 
Original blog post [here]. So, Kiwi has increased her food and water intake a little bit, which is a really good sign. But she has sort of dribbled pee all over herself so she smells really bad and I think she is getting it all over my carpet and stuff so my room (which is where she is staying) is covered in towels. I do have an appointment with the vet tomorrow for a progress check up. Hopefully I get some good news, so  please keep Kiwi in your thoughts. Hopefully enough positive thinking will bring good luck.

Other News: 
I will also be working on more things for my newly opened art shop [here]. I do like the base of my blog design but I will be making some more improvements to it over the next month or so. And I am looking for Blog Ad Swapping partners, so if you have a similar blog and want to swap ad space send me an email at avoslife[at] and try an include "Ad Swap" in the subject line.

Until Next time,


  1. Aww, your vintage events always look and sound so great. I wish we had more (or some at all) around here, too.
    Also, vintage dresses look lovely on you. I can't wait to see more (and maybe one day your own collection).

    - Love, Ari

    1. Thank you, they are super fun mainly because I just love dressing up. And I am sorry to hear that. To be honest I would have never guessed that there were so many in my area if it wasn't for my friend introducing me to them. So maybe there is hope for you too, might be some hidden events around your area. Hopefully.

      Thanks for the comment!!

  2. wow, i feel like i just got taken back in time! LOVE your dress!
    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Thank you!! It was tons of fun, I really enjoy these events!


  3. That looks so awesome! I would love to go to something like that! My grandfather was a member of the Elks lodge where he lived so I have a lot of memories of going there for lunch with my grandparents.
    Love your dress and the hat! Sorry about your hair, but I think you pulled it up nicely. It looks great pinned up with the hat.
    Found you via style elixir linkup!

    1. Thank you!! Thats so sweet. And yeah, the elks lodge is pretty cool. It would be even more awesome if they put together events like this more often. I think it was a once in a lifetime kind of deal. But who knows, looks like the elks presidents wife is into the whole art deco dress up events so maybe not!

      I hope you get a chance to do something like this, i would love to see it if you do!


  4. How fun! I love the styling and that theater ceiling! I could take pictures for days of that one.

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

    1. Yeah, the whole pace had bunch of pretty architecture. Some of the places I go to events at just don't have much to look at when it comes to the buildings or lack there of, but this was pretty nice!



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