Friday, June 14, 2013

Whats for Dinner? Chicken && Spinach

So truth be told, I've never really liked cooking. I mean in most cases you can say I hated cooking, but somewhere between junk food and the same old plain chicken and boiled broccoli I realized that I would have to get creative if I wanted something relatively healthy and new. So I put on my brave face and set out to slay the dragon of boring cooking and I realized that I don't hate cooking quite as much as I used to. Too be honest, I sort of enjoyed it a little bit. Best part, the food came out pretty darn good If I do say so myself.

All I did was saute "super greens" salad in olive oil and threw in some mushrooms, squash, basil and dill and then I did the same to some cut up chicken breast and when they where done I mixed them all up together and BAM, instant yummy food that's not all fatty. The thing is, I just used what we had in our fridge and it worked out really nice. Part of me feels like I should do this more often!

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