Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm So Retro Illustration and Shop Sale

So I have been working on some new illustrations for my shop, the original plan was to wait until after I had completed a few new pieces before I re-opened my shop but desperate times call for desperate measures so I ended up opening my shop sooner than planned. Good news is that makes this print available to buy [here] p.s. the print does not have my address on it so no worries there.

Question For Readers:
I had so much fun with this illustration and I love the idea so much that I plan to do a few more for my shop if all goes well. But I would love to know what theme you guys would like to see done? Shoot me a comment bellow, and your suggestion just might be the next print in my shop.

Until Next time,


  1. AHH, the "I'm So Retro" print is adorable. Perfect colors and I love all the tiny details. You should totally do more but with specific eras and corresponding color palettes!

    1. Thank you!! I plan to do more prints like this, I had loads of fun with it. And that is a great idea! Maybe I'll do a 1920's Deco theme next since I am always dressing up in that era anyway! lol


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