Monday, July 15, 2013

My Very First Vintage - Vintage haul & shop update

So a little over a week ago I ordered my first 3 vintage dresses and on Saturday they arrived. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have the start of my own little vintage clothing collection. As you guys may have figured out I really enjoy dressing up in vintage and going to events, but all of the outfits you have seen me in so far belong to my good friend Jonathan who runs a vintage clothing rental for some of the events we attend. To be honest I would have never made the purchase if it hadn't been for the fact that the store I got them from was having a HUGE 50% off sale and I got them all for pretty much a steal.

 They all came in great condition, with a few minor spots here and there. The first two feel like they have never been worn and I absolutely adore them. I mean I love love love them, and I am so excited that they are mine. Of course the fact that they are both 1950's dresses doesn't hurt since I absolutely love 50's dresses in general. Admittedly the third one is not my favorite, I just love the other two so much that the 3rd one doesn't compare. I did find another dress for really cheep that should be coming in the mail sometime soon so I will share that with you when it comes. I do need to get a petticoat, some shoes, and accessories before I take these bad boys out on a fashion run. I am really excited though!
Also, a while back I mentioned all the work that I have been putting into my etsy shop AvoArt, and one of the things I started doing is turning my illustrations into pendants to use as jewelry. I ordered some supplies so as soon as they come I can finish these ladies and add some necklaces to my shop. I'm super excited about how the shop is turning out and I cant wait to add these to the shop.

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