Monday, July 1, 2013

Vintage Adventures: 1950's

 So I finally was able to go to an event where I could dress up in my beloved 1950's style. This beautiful vintage dress from Jonathan made me feel like a princess and I wish I had been able to do my hair in a 50's style to complete the outfit. 

One of Jonathan's friends did a lovely Deco lecture which was pretty enjoyable to watch even though there weren't any chairs for us to sit in. And although my feet were fine with my wonderfully comfortable shoes, I happen to be a little strange in the fact that I can't stand still for long periods of time without getting lightheaded and occasionally fainting. Fortunately I didn't faint so all was well. 

Overall it was pretty fun and I will hopefully go to more of them in the future. This particular event wasn't dress up specific so there were a lot of people dressed in normal clothes, but there were a few of us who went that extra mile and got all fancy. Sadly I didn't get as many pictures as I had hopped I would, but there is always next time.

Until then,


  1. This sounds like it was such a fun event! You look beautiful, where did you find a 50's dress like that? Your entire look is perfect down to the shoes! :)

  2. Thank you so much!! It was pretty fun, and at the moment all of my beautiful vintage attire is supplied by a friend of mine who runs a vintage rental booth for some of the vintage events that we go to. He has dresses, suits, hats and shoes galore!! But eventually I want to build my own little collection of vintage clothes!!


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