Friday, July 26, 2013

Vintage Adventures: Cartier & the Art Deco style Lecture

Yesterday I went to an Art Deco Society vintage event held at the Hotel Rex in San Francisco to watch a lecture about Cartier and the Art Deco style that Aaron Rubin a fellow Art Deco Society member did a wonderful job at. When it comes to a lecture even the most interesting subject can be boring if not presented well. But, Aaron had no problem presenting the lecture in a interesting and extremely enjoyable way.

Before the lecture there was a lot of cocktails and mingling among the attendees, and unlike the last lecture I attended, most of the people there were all dressed up in beautiful vintage and vintage inspired outfits. This time around I made sure to paparazzi some of the great ones.

Another thing about this lecture which I loved was the fact that there were plenty of very comfortable seats for all of us to sit in, In addition, the venue itself that the lecture was being held  at (Hotel Rex) was very lovely and had a nice vintage feeling to it. Which as you can imagine added quite nicely to the going back in time experience that you sometimes get at these events. 

 Before the lecture I tried to go around taking shots of some of the people who were mingling in the bar and dinning area. When you see a group of people dressed in vintage eating in a dinning area with a vintage feel it's hard not to have a back in time feeling because everyone is acting so normal and so un-staged, it's really beautiful when you think about it.

As people came into the lecture hall I took the opportunity to snap outfit shots before everyone sat down. There were many lovely outfits so these are just a few of the ones that I was lucky enough to get nice shots of. Seeing people pull off vintage so well really made me wish my personal vintage wardrobe was a lot larger than the 4 dresses I have at the moment!
Now like I mentioned Earlier Aaron did a wonderful job with the lecture, and unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of him this time around, but like most of the people there he was dressed to impress. Now having a lecture about Cartier and the Art Deco Society was a huge opportunity to see just how much some of the gorgeous Cartier jewelry was worth, and like Aaron said how "it is really fun to be really rich".

Throughout the lecture there were many "oooohs" and "aaaahhs" in regards to the gorgeous jewelry that was being shown but there were also many laughs throughout the lectures due to Aaron's well places witty and fun jokes. When discussing a rather remarkable Cartier piece which, instead of clasping closed like most jewelry, hung loosely over the wearers shoulders and that had several large diamonds, the largest being something like 114 carats; Aaron ends the opening remark about it with: "So your basically wearing the most expensive scarf in the world... and its heavy, and your cold". I'm still chuckling over that.

 And, what better way to celebrate a great lecture about really expensive jewelry than having a jewelry sale after, no the jewelry wasn't Cartier, but it all was pretty lovely anyway despite being Faux jewelry. Shortly after taking this picture the room filled up so much that I couldn't get close enough to take anymore pictures.
 And right before I left I made sure to get a picture of me and Jonathan for the books. It's surprising how few pictures I have of the two of us even though every vintage event I go to is with him! It's funny how things work.
 So overall the event was super fun and I am extremely sad that I will be missing the next vintage event which happens to be today. But since I am feeling pretty sick, I figured I would stay home and try to get better. It's just my luck that I get sick on an event day. Well, there is always the next one I suppose.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a very interested lecture. :)

  2. You look so pretty! I love your look so much.

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  3. Love that first picture of you!! Cool event:)
    Boho Bunnie


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