Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vintage Finds

 Because I have been spending so much time looking at vintage dresses trying to find more dresses at good prices that I could add to my little collection, I figured I would share some of the cute dresses that I have seen that either don't fit or are way too expensive, but still super cute. (source links at bottom of post)

 1. source | 2. source | 3. source | 4. source | 5. source | 6. source

So I'm usually pretty happy with my weight, that is until I started shopping for vintage clothing and a lot of the cute stuff is way too small for me. Eghh.. I guess I have been finding enough cute stuff in my size that its not too bad. Plus once I get to 30's dresses if it fits my waist my butt cant squeeze in to save my life anyway, and I like my but the way it is so if my waist was any smaller I'd I have an even harder time finding dresses. Perhaps that's why I like the 50's full skirt dresses so much, doesn't matter how much junk you have in your trunk. 

Tell me do you guys like this type of post? I might do more of them in the future during times when I have no vintage events planned. 

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