Monday, August 26, 2013

How To Gatsby Lecture

So I went to the "How To Gatsby" lecture at the Hotel Rex in SF and there were a lot of lovely new people there who are planning on going to the Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic this year on September 8th at the Dunsmuir Helman Historic Estate in Oakland. If you are interested and you buy your tickets before September 6th you will get a nice $20 discount. Also, The Art Deco Society page has a great How to Gatsby section with great information to help you find an outfit. But if you still can't find something that works, don't worry, my friend Jonathan will have his closet open at the event with free rentals for people to use.

Anyway, the How to Gatsby lecture was a very useful lecture for people new to the event and it gave me and my friends Holly, Delbrina and Jonathan the fun opportunity to model some of the outfits that would work great for the Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic. It was also fun because there were cocktails and food before hand and a nice vintage clothing sale after. 

 Once the lecture and sale was over a few of us headed down to see The Pied Pipper painting at The Palace and get some food and drinks. Some socializing, eating and drinking was done before I had to head out to catch my train home. Overall the event was a lot of fun and I can't wait until the Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic next month. I'll be using it as a chance to officially celebrate my 23rd Birthday since September 1st falls on Labor day weekend and is usually a poor time to set up a Birthday get together.

Hope to see new faces at the event.
If your planning on going let me know, maybe we will run into each other there!

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  1. Life is so funny, just popped along and see a post about Gatsby, just as I am sitting down to watch it for teh first time. i am in love with the fashions and hair :) x

  2. Darling post - Looks like a blast!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  3. Ah- so cute! Your hat is precious.


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