Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gatsby Fashion Illustration

In honor of the Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic I attended on Sunday I wanted to post a Gatsby Inspired illustration. This is more of a fashion illustration which is why there are no heads.. which when you think about it is funny coming from me since one of my favorite things to draw are faces. I must admit I really like how this came out. The idea actually came from a friend who asked me to make business cards for his costume closet, which I have mentioned to you guys plenty of times over the last few months. 
This is how it looks on the business card. I didn't have as much time as I would have liked or else I would have tried to add a few more outfits, but I do like the way it turned out so there is not loss there. And Jonathan says he likes it as well which always makes me happy!! Since it wasn't an official paid gig, Jonathan says he doesn't mind if I use the art in my book, so I am pretty excited about that because I like a lot of the pieces that are going into the book. I cant wait to finish it so I can share it with the world.

What do you guys think?? Let me know, I still get a little nervous sharing my art with the world even though I have been doing it for years now. Silly I know, but I guess I just can't help it.

Also if you are anyone you know needs business cards made shoot me an email and I can give you a price quote, (thats my work email, and I know shameless self promotion, but a girls got to eat some how!!)
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  1. That business card illustration is just lovely. <3

  2. Wow chick, you are freakin' talented! I love the illustration and I think the outfits are just peachy!


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