Monday, September 23, 2013

Mod Cloth: My Favorite Vintage Shoes

So I am horrible in heals, and for most of the vintage events that I have been to, the shoes that were lent to me never fit well. Which as you can imagine quickly put me off of my feet and onto the nearest seat. Now its hard to dance and have fun and enjoy yourself when your feet are killing you, so I was more than happy when I found these beauties. These are the Dance Instead of walking Heals in the cream color from Modcloth.

These are perfect, not only do the work beautifully for the vintage event that I attend, but they also work great for my day to day outfits. And they are comfortable to boot. I added a little gel insert at the heal but otherwise they are good. But, if your feet are already sore these aren't that comfortable if you know what I mean. Currently these are my favorite shoes out of all the shoes I own.. which may not be a lot, but it still means something. 

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