Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My 23rd Birthday Celebrations!

So usually on my birthday I eat really good food, have my sister spend the night, and go to a movie and or play video games. Nothing really big since my Birthday falls on Labor Day Weekend and most people are busy. But this year, my sister already had plans so I had to make new ones. I had a lazy weekend filled with good food and Netflix and Jonathan took me and Holly to lunch on my actual Birthday before we went and tried on clothes for Gatsby. 
Then the next weekend I had my sister Join me for Gatsby, which as I mentioned was loads of fun. Enjoy this lovely outtake photo of me being overly expressive over god knows what. "Oh my Gawd!"

 Then the following day me and Holly did a joint Brithday with friends. We went to go see Pacific Rim, ate cake in the park and went out for dinner. I had so much fun that I want to plan for next year already. But as long as I can spend some time with friends again, it will be lovely.

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  1. Love these photos and the outfits. Happy (belated) birthday!


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