Monday, November 25, 2013

Project Life: My Way

So I have always loved the Idea of scrapbooking but I just found it to be too expensive and too time consuming so I never got around to doing it. Awhile back I saw something about Becky Higgins Project life, and I loved the idea. Eventually I got around to ordering two albums and bunch of page protectors and one of the core kits. When it arrived I was excited, but still didn't have the time so it's been sitting under my desk for a few months. 

Now, although I still don't really have the time, I wan't to try and work on my two albums. The plan is that one of them will have my life so far up until college and the second one will have my college life until now. I feel like working on both of them at the same time might help motivate me because I will also be focusing on things that have just happened. I will try and share them with you as they come along, although I doubt it will be a regular thing. Either way it should be fun.
If you do project life, let me know you manage to keep up with it. Do you do weekly spreads? or do you just focus on the big stuff and leave out the little things? I'd love to hear. And if you don't do project life, is it something that interests you?

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