Monday, December 23, 2013

Dickens Christmas Fair 2013

T'is the season, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than to go to the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, twice? Being my first year ever going I must admit I made quite a fuss about outfits and dragging along friends, but despite some minor outfit malfunctions and group miss-communications both times going I had quite a wonderful time. I do hope to go again next year and many more years there after. 

The first time going it was just me, Jonathan and my sister so we were able to easily explore the fair, eat, dance and watch a few shows. Unfortunately because the fair is held inside it was harder for me to take good photos with my camera so I ended up with a lot of blurry pictures. Both times I did enjoy the outfit that I ended up with and I also really enjoyed the shows. 

The second time we went with a group of eight of us so it was a lot harder to keep track of everyone's needs and wants. Overall it was very exciting and a lot of fun although hopefully next time we will plan better if we are going with a big group again. Also because all of my pictures came out blurry the first time, I changed the settings on my camera to take faster pictures which makes them dark (it was suggested to me to do it this way and just edit them later) but unfortunately they were a little too dark and some of them were too hard to edit. Oh well, better luck next time I suppose. 

Anyway, there are a lot of really fun things to do and watch at the fair and it almost feels like one or two days just isn't enough time to do everything. Next year I hope to have some better low light photo taking skills, and I want to try and make myself a skirt, cape and bonnet. I also want to brush up on my Dickens lingo, maybe create a character to play, and try to plan everything out a little bit better. 

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  1. Wow! Your outfits are AMAZING! Very professional looking!


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