Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Posts of 2013

1. Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic 2013

I have  been going to the annual Gatsby Picnic for several years now and I would say that 2013 has to be one of my favorite ones. With a great outfit that I adored, two of my close friends and my sister this was an event to be enjoyed. Plus this year Jonathan, like many others, went above and beyond with their picnic set ups. 

2. Vintage Adventures: Elks Lodge No. 3

Now as I am sure you can see by my list, one of the things I do favor are the vintage events posts, I mean after all I am a sucker for vintage and I have so much fun at these events that I just can't help but share them. I also feel like they make for very fun and interesting photos that are more enjoyable to look at than me in boring old modern clothes. 

3. Interview OOTD and Tips!

I enjoy getting office outfit inspiration and interview attire is no exception to that. And since interviews are so important who doesn't want a few tips to help them land that job and look sharp doing it!

4. Keeping Organized: Washi Tape

When I was younger I used to keep a planner until one day I just stopped, didn't feel like it was working for me. Over time I started feeling unorganized, like I had to spend too much time trying to make sure I didn't forget anything. So in 2013 I decided to pick up a planner again and I found the Filofax community which has helped me on my journey to find the perfect planning system for me. This post was mainly about how I decorate my planner to keep interest in using it. 

5. Gatsby Picnic 2009

Going back to one of the first Vintage events I ever attended, my first Gatsby picnic. Since Vintage events are now a big part of my life it is always fun to look back at the events that got me into it. 

6. My 23rd Birthday Celebrations!

Most of the time I do very little for my Birthday, but this year me and Holly did some Birthday Celebrating together, it was such a fun few days that I am excited about possibly doing something fun in 2014 as well.

7. Celebrity Paintings and Possible Art Challenges

Over the years I have slowly spent more time doing my art on my computer and less time doing art with traditional mediums. So I busted out my paints and played around, I really enjoyed it and hope to do it more often.

8. Vintage Inspiration: Floating in the Sea

I try to post pictures of my art here and there and this is one that I particularly like. Inspired by a scene in the movie Ever After, and by the famous painting of Ophelia, this picture plays for my love of clothed women in water.

9. Fairyland for Grownups 2013

This event was a lot of fun because it was the first vintage event where my complete outfit is my own. There were also a bunch of people dressed up in all kinds of outfits and overall it was a ton of fun.

10. My Life, My Closet, My Journey

I really like this post because it is a look back at the types of things I originally wanted this blog to be about, and although not everything went the way I originally wanted it to, I am more than happy with the way it is going. The best part is that my blog is still growing and evolving.

Anyway, that's all for now. There were some more that I was thinking of adding like my Dickens Christmas fair post  and my Holborn Compact Filofax Update, but I wanted to keep it down to only ten favorites and wanted to pick stuff that weren't so recent. I hope you guys have enjoyed and continue to stick around through the coming years. I also hope that all of you have a fantastic New Year!!

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