Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lady Adventure Hike: Lands End

It's not very often that I get to explore the great outdoors, so I really jumped on the opportunity when a few friends of mine decided that we should do a lady-hike-fun-day (it was inspired by our guy friends doing a nature day without, the ladies). 

We started with going up and down stairs, climbing rocks, leaning over ledges that could lead to your death but that showed breath taking views of the rocky waters bellow. Petting random dogs, chit-chatting up a storm of fun and interesting things between the group, and sitting down and enjoying the views while taking touristy type pictures "hey get me in front of the golden gate bridge". We ended the day with a delicious meal in the city with milkshakes, burgers and deep fried thanksgiving dinner balls with gravy and cranberry sauce that was to die for. The whole experience was beyond enjoyable. 

When I was younger (middle school - high school) I was a ridiculous hermit in my free time. When I wasn't out and about with my friends I was locked in my room with the shades drawn playing video games, surfing the internet or drawing. It didn't bother me when my room was dark and a lot of the time I preferred it that way.

Now, the idea of not being woken up by beautiful sunlight is a sad and scary thought. I am grateful for having the brightest room in the house, and I prefer having my room as bright as possible 95% of the time. I also crave nature way more than I used too, a desire to explore lush leafy greet forests and see new and beautiful plants and animals. 

Because of that, this hike was an important taste of the kind of thing I would like to do way more of. Not only was it a great outdoor nature hike, but it was also an awesome bonding experience and I really hope we do stuff like this more often. I am already thinking of new possibilities for our next nature hike, and hopefully with a little research and some group planning we will be on our way to our next one.

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  1. I'm thrilled to see that you've finally opened the curtains, let in the sunlight, gotten yourself outside for a hike, and connected with nature! You do take after your ol’ dad after all!

    1. Ahaha, thanks dad. I've actually made that transition right when I started college, this is just the first time that i have gone on a official hike, although I have done outdoor runs on the trail by my old place for a while now. I just have to find something like that where I live now :(

  2. Ooh!! I definitely want to plan a day to go there and check it out.. looks so beautiful! Is the hike good for a noob? haha

    I am jealous that your room is the brightest in the house :O

    1. Yeah I think so, it was my first hike. BUT there are a LOT of stairs so just be prepared. It was so much fun though so I think it was worth it. And it really wasn't all that hard although we did take small breaks here and there to enjoy the view and catch our breaths.

      As for my room, its awesome because the place I lived last, I had the darkest room in the house which made me very sad. I've only been at the new place for a month and having a bright room makes me never want to leave! lol.


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