Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Art Wednesday - Love Teacup Kisses

After much consideration I have decided to split my art 'brand' into two. I wanted to separate the over the top cute stuff that I have been doing from my more normal illustrations. Until now I feel like I have been all over the place with the type of art that I post, and I feel like I am trying to satisfy several different audiences in the same place. Which just doesn't really work. So here is to a new beginning which will hopefully make things easier for me in the long run!

So far I absolutely love it and it has been filling me with so much inspiration and joy. I have always loved drawing really cute stuff but I have felt like my usual audience didn't feel the same so I pushed the overly cute stuff to the side. Now I have finally found a way to really embrace it and focus on it as much as I want to which gives me this great feeling of freedom. You can follow the new tumblr 'Love, Teacup Kisses' blog here. And check out the etsy shop here.

Tell me what you guys think?

Until next time,

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  1. I think it makes sense your other work is amazing by the way and kind of whimsical but cutesy is it's own fun category. I know what you mean about trying to do different things and being all over the place I think it's smart to separate it. I am definitely into cutesy, that's my style, I tried to be something else for awhile and wasn't very good at it because it's not me. I like happy,colorful and cute :)


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