Friday, July 11, 2014

Filofax Friday - Weekly Decoration

"Don't Let it bring you down"
Hello My Lovelies, so I am back on track with my planner pages. Had to do something a little different last week for the Holiday, hope you don't mind. This week I went with the pink and purple theme again to match the piece of paper that I'm using as a "today" tab and challenge list. The reason why I kept the same page is because I am currently doing the Monster Girl Challenge, which I've mentioned before, and I didn't wan to re-write the list over and over again. But to be honest the color theme and decoration is just too similar to the previous week for my liking. 

How do you feel about stuff like that, do you prefer mixing things up every week or do you like a consistent theme week after week? 

Until next time,


  1. I think a mix of both is good! Having a theme could make things easier OR boring fast.

  2. Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! Everything is so creative :)
    I love your planner! The colors and washi you used is so pretty. Consistent is nice, but I prefer mixing things up..more fun and more of a surprise!
    You inspired me to work on my planner pages now ;)

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