Hello and welcome to Avo's life advertising section, I am happy to announce that I am offering free ad space for those of you willing to do ad swaps. This is perfect for blogs or shops that have a similar vibe to Avo's Life (art, fashion,vintage, lifestyle) and if you are not sure feel free to ask.

If you have a product you would like me to review feel free to email me to see if it is something I might be willing to do. I will only accept things that can relate to this blog. Art, fashion, crafty stuff etc.

Blog Stats as of January 18th 2014:
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Disclosure Statement: This is a for profit blog. I only accept sponsors and promote businesses that I believe is a good fit to my blog. I often use affiliate links in my posts from skimlinks. Items that I receive free of charge will be labeled "c/o" in my posts.

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